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Zander (pike-perch) with butter peas and parsley potatoes – Zander an Buttererbsen und Petersilienkartoffeln

essenZander is a species of fish from freshwater and brackish habitats in western Europe. It is closely related to perch. Zander are often called pike-perch as they resemble the pike with their elongated body and head, and the perch with their spiny dorsal fin.The zander is a common and popular game fish in Europe. It is often eaten, and it may reach 20 kg (44 lb)[1] of weight, although typical catches are considerably smaller. Continue reading

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trout meunière – trout miller – Forelle Müllerin

Premier Exif JPEGTrout meunière “Forelle Müllerin” is the traditional style of serving trout as fried fish in germany. You serve with parsley potatoes and green salad.
Excuse me not having the correct photo at the moment I will take a new one as soon as possible…as soon as I will catch a new one…I will also publish some more reciepes for trout within the next weeks…. Continue reading

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