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Potato dumplings – Kartoffelklöße

Kartoffelkloss-201020558386Germany boasts a large variety of dumplings, both sweet and savoury. A dumpling is called Kloß in Northern Germany, Knödel, Nockerl or Knöpfle in Southern Germany and Austria. These are flour dumplings, the most common dumplings, thin or thick, made with eggs and semolina flour, boiled in water. Meat dumplings (called Klopse or Klöpse in North-Eastern Germany, Knöpfle and Nocken in Southern Germany) contain meat or liver. Liver dumplings are frequent additions to soup. Thüringer Klöße are made from raw or boiled potatoes, or a mixture of both, and are often filled with croutons. I want to show the potato dumplings here for first , because they are often used as side dish for the traditional deer and venison meals shown on this blog. Continue reading

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Red Cabbage grandmothers recipe -Rotkohl nach Großmutters Art

Many wild meat dishes and beef roasts are mostly served with red cabbage. I will explain a special recipe for red cabbage here which is descended by our grandmother. Continue reading

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