Haunch of Hare(Jackrabbit) with dumplings and red cabbage – Gespickte Hasenkeule mit Rokraut und Klößen



Hares and rabbits are plentiful in many areas, adapt to a wide variety of conditions, and reproduce quickly, so hunting is often less regulated than for other varieties of game. In rural areas and particularly in pioneer times, they were a common source of meat. Hares can be prepared in the same manner as rabbits—commonly roasted or taken apart for breading and frying.
The most common kind of preparation in germany is making a roast from spiked hare haunches.

Preparation Time Cooking Time Serves
20 minutes 60 minutes 4 persons


4 haunchs of hare
2 medium onions
80g lard
2 cups(500ml) butter milk
soup greens
4 bay leaves
80g vegetable fat or margerine
1 cup (250ml) red wine

4 servings red cabbage and 8 pieces of potatoe dumplings like shown in these recipes:

Haunch of Hare(Jackrabbit) with dumplings and red cabbage – Gespickte Hasenkeule mit Rokraut und Klößen

For this recipe ,the haunch of hare must sit in a buttermilk season mixture for 6-8 hours before you can cook the meat. This gives the special flavor, makes the meat more tender and removes the silver skin, some kind of thin glistening skin found at most wild meats like deer, venison ore hare.
We start by preparing the buttermilk. Fill a baking dish or gratin dish with the buttermilk and add some salt and roughly a tablespoon of thyme, a tablespoon of juniper berries and some rosemary. If you uncertain and want to taste, please taste bevor adding the meat.
Now that you have completed the milk season mixture add the hare haunches and let them sit in the mixture for about 6 hours. Place in refrigerator. Past the 6 hours take the meat out of the buttermilk and rinse with clear cold water. Then drain on some layers of paper towels. When the meat is completely dry, start larding. For best results use a larding needle and lard the harse haunches. If you dont have a needle you can score small cuts into the meat and press in the lard. You need 20g of lard per haunch. Season then haunches with salt and pepper.
Now take a large roasting pan or large stock pot and heat the vegetable fat or margerine in it at medium heat till its completely melted. Now add the hare haunches, the sliced soup greens,onions, a tablespoon of thyme, a tablespoon of juniper berries, some allspice and bayleaves.Sear the hare from all sides till the haunches are dark brown.
Meanwhile preheat the Oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit(160 degrees Celsius)
When the meat is brown from all sides, pour the red wine in the roasting pan. Now fill up with clear water till the haunches are 3/4 covered with liquid. Place the pan in the oven and let cook for 60-90 minutes. If you want even more intense flavor replace the water by wild broth or stock. Occassionally try with a meat fork whether the harse is allready tender.
When finished, take the haunches the pan and pour the liquid throug a fine mesh strainer in an other cooking pot. Taste the stock of your harse again and season with some more salt and thyme if needed. If you want a sauce with less fat in it, cool down the liquid in the refridgerator till the fat forms a hard surface over liquid, now you can smash a whole in the fat surface and pour out the fat free liquid.This is usually made when preparing the dish one day before and only reheating or finishing the next day.
Whatever preparation method you choose,in the mext step pour some of the liquid in a small bowl and reheat the pot with the rest of the liquid till it boils. Now whisk some cornstarch with the liquid in the bowl and add this mixture bit by bit to the boiling liquid, to make the brown sauce. Allways let boil again for a minute and check if the sauce is thick enoungh. If it is still to thin add some more of the starch mixture and boil again. Now place your hare haunches at the individuall serving plates and pour the sauce over it, add the red cabbage and dumplings and enjoy your meal.


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