Potato dumplings – Kartoffelklöße



Germany boasts a large variety of dumplings, both sweet and savoury. A dumpling is called Kloß in Northern Germany, Knödel, Nockerl or Knöpfle in Southern Germany and Austria. These are flour dumplings, the most common dumplings, thin or thick, made with eggs and semolina flour, boiled in water. Meat dumplings (called Klopse or Klöpse in North-Eastern Germany, Knöpfle and Nocken in Southern Germany) contain meat or liver. Liver dumplings are frequent additions to soup. Thüringer Klöße are made from raw or boiled potatoes, or a mixture of both, and are often filled with croutons. I want to show the potato dumplings here for first , because they are often used as side dish for the traditional deer and venison meals shown on this blog.

Preparation Time Cooking Time Serves
30 minutes 30 minutes 4-6 persons


1.5kg (3lb) half-waxy potatoes
170g fine pasty flour or cornstarch
2 Eggs
Salt to taste

Potato dumplings

Start by peeling all the potatos. When you have finished peeling take a medium sized saucepan and start boiling half of the potatoes in salted water.
The other half grate throu a fine hand grater. Give these potato splinters in a linen cloth and press out the moisture over a large bowl. When the other half of the potatoes has finished boiling, mash them in a separate bowl. Season the mashed potatoes with salt and nutmeg.Now add the Eggs and the flour or the corn starch and the raw potato splinters. Knead the ingridents together till a smooth dough forms.
Start boiling a stockpot with water now. Inbetween you can form the dumplings from the dough, so they are finished when the water is hot.
Take a little bit of the dough and form a ball between your hands. It should be 6cm (2 inches ) in diameter. If the first is to small take some more dough for the next. Not later as the third you know how much dough to take. When you have finished forming all these balls, toss all the dumplings in the stockpot with the hot water. The water in the pot should only simmer from now on. Let the dumplings simmer for 20 till 30 minutes at low heat. Past 20 Minutes take off one of the dumplings and cut into halves to see if they are done. If they aren´t firm and smooth looking, cook for another 10 minutes. Take the dumplings of the water. A slotted spoon works best.
Serve your dumplings as side dish to beef roasts , venison or deer.
Enjoy your meal!


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