Roast venison with red cabbage, sprouts and potato croquettes – Rehbraten mit Rotkohl,Rosenkohl und Kartoffelkroketten



Roast venison is a vintage wild dish, which is served in Germany for special holidays, festivities or in speciality restaurants. This receipt explains the traditional preparation of venison or deer. These wild meat dishes are mostly served with red cabbage. I will explain a receipt which is descended by our grandmother. I have chosen potato croquettes for side dish, because I didn’t want to make it more complex. You can serve salted potatoes or potatoes dumplings instead of it. I will publish an instruction for dumplings within the next weeks.

Preparation Time Cooking Time Serves
30 minutes 120 minutes 4 persons


Roast venison

1,5 kg (3 lb) haunch of venison (1,5/ 3lb with bone or 2.5lb without bones)
0,5l (0.5 qt) butter milk
200g (0.5 lb) bacon
2 table spoons olive oil
root vegetables
3 or 4 onions
juniper berries
salt,pepper, thyme,basil
150 g (0.3 lb) vegetable fat
250ml red wine

Red Cabbage

800g (1.8 lb)red cabbage the conserved from can works best , fresh cabbage has to be cooked longer
1 or 2 apples
salt and pepper
white vinegar
200g (0.4 lb) sugar
100g (0.2 lb) flour
100g (0.2 lb) butter

300g (1.2 lb) Brussel Sprouts
Deep Frozen potato croquettes

Roast venison with red cabbage, sprouts and potato croquettes – Rehbraten mit Rotkohl,Rosenkohl und Kartoffelkroketten

Roast venison

If you have haunch with bones you have to remove the for first. Pickle the meat in the butter milk for 6 hours. Wash away the milk with clear water and dry with a paper towel. with a small knife remove the silver skin of the meat.
lard the venison haunch with bacon and spice with salt pepper much thyme and basil. Cut the root vagtables into dices and slice the onions. Now take a large roasting dish and roast the vegtables and onions with the vegetable fat till the fat is completely melted, now add the venison meat and roast from all sides. Add the juniper berries. Fry the meat and turn often. When the meat looks dark brown from all sides deglaze with red wine and fill up with clear water till the roasting dish is half-full. Now cook further in the oven at 170 degree Celsius ( ) for 60- 90 minutes. Inbetween prepare the side dishes.
When finished take the meat out of the roasting dish let it dry and cool for a moment and cut into slices. Separate some of the meat stock if you have to reheat the meat slices. The larger part of the meat stock spice again with salt pepper thyme ,basil and juniper berries. If you have some wild mushrooms you can add them also. Strain trough a sieve and add sauce thickener and reheat to make it smooth.

Red Cabbage

Take the largest broad cooking pot you have and fill in the red cabbage. The pot should be only half-full if it is to full the cabbage will scorch.
Peel one or two apples and dice them. Add the apple dices to the pot with the cabbage and stir occasionally till the cabbage is hot and nearly tender. Spice with Salt and Pepper but tast before, sometimes the cabbage is prespiced.
Add a bit of vinegar and the sugar, stir strongly.
Let it cook for some minutes. If there is to much liquid in the cabbage take it of. There should only be one finger high juice of the cabbage in the pot otherwise it will get to wet. Now dredge with some flour and stir while heating up again be carefull the cabbage may scorch now dont forget to stir. add more flour and stir again an again till it looks smooth. Take it away from the stove. Take a frying pan and heat the butter in it. Sweat the butter till it starts to brown. Now add the butter to the red cabbage and stir.Ready!

Brussel Sprouts

Clean the sprouts and boil in salted water till firm to the bite.
Then dry the sprouts on a paer towel and fry in a pan with butter. Spice with salt peper nutmeg. Fry the sprouts till they are light brown.

Fry the croquettes or bake in an oven.

Serve on a plate ,garnish with cranberries.

Enjoy your meal!

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