Rolled roast from pork with green beans “Rollbraten mit grünen Bohnen”



“Rollbraten” rolled roast from pork is a typical middle german dish , it has often been served for lunch on sundays. It´t has also been served at birthdays or family parties. this recipe is a little more complex so if you have any extra questions feel free to ask…

Preparation Time Cooking Time Serves
20 minutes 90 minutes 6 persons


For the rolled roast

2 kg pork roast
150g ham cubes
5 tablespoons mustard
6 onions , 30g lovage
salt,pepper ,paprika powder
1/4 l red wine half dry
soup greens (carrots,celeriac,leek,kohlrabi)

For the beans

1kg green beans
some shallots
20g ham cubes
100g butter

1,5kg potatoes


Rolled roast

Cut the pork like a large roulade to a big slice ,spice with salt,pepper,paprika powder and coat the inside with mustard. Cut 4 onions and lovage and give together with the ham cubes on the pork , now roll together and fold or better use a meat net and tie up. Spice also the outside with salt and pepper. give the pork roulade in a large roasting pan add the rest of the onions as halves and the soup greens and fry with oil till its brown. Turn it often so it doesnt scorch. when it is roasted brown enough deglaze with the red wine and fill with water till the roast is nearly covered . Now put your pan with the roast in the rear an let stew at 170-190 Grad Celsius (340 Fahrenheit) for 80-90 minutes. You can boil the potatoes and prepare the beans inbetween.


Peel the potatoes and boil them in salted water .

Clean the beans and cut of the ends. Boil it light salted water “al dente” then drain the water. Cut the Shallots in small cubes.
Take a larger frying pan and start by frying the shallots and ham cubes in butter till they look glassy , now add the beans and the savory , spice with salt and pepper, and fry for 3 or 4 minutes.

When the rolled roast is finished take it out of the roasting pan and cut into slices for serving, For the sauce taste the meat stock in the pan if its to salty fill up with some water , thick in with dark roux and boil again ,finally percolate.


Enjoy your meal!

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